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WelcomAWFCe to the AWFC Website!

Our AWFC Mission is pure and simple and that is, to Live the Volunteer Spirit. Our parent organization, GFWC has representation in all 50 states and more than a dozen countries. Our members work locally to create global change. AWFC clubwomen are mothers, wives, daughters, doctors, teachers and community leaders who are dedicated to enhancing the lives of others through volunteer service.

Joining the AWFC is like stepping into a river where past and future lives of women before and after us are all a part. Our Austin Lake Lady Bird, is the actual river that runs through the city and is the right metaphor for the living, life sustaining spirit of our Austin club through its members.

We honor that Volunteer Spirit by working together here in Austin and as apart of a world-wide volunteer movement of women working to better the lives of countless men, women, and children all over the world. Our collective impact with our city, state and national organizations is what demonstrates the power of Federation.

I welcome you to join us for a program and talk to me or any member about the benefits of joining AWFC. I am happy to share with you more about our legacy as well as current and future plans to impact our community in the arts, conservation, education, home life, international outreach, and public issues.

It is really is our River, Our Lives, Our Time,



Octogenarians of Barton Springs

I probably came here for the first time when I was a freshman at UT, but I didn’t swim regularly till I retired about eight years ago. That’s when I got really serious about it. I swam daily for about an hour starting at 7 a.m. You could say that’s when I got addicted to swimming at Barton Springs Pool—I mean that in a good way!

Whenever we have visitors come to Austin, we bring them here because, as we like to say, this is the “real Austin.” It’s the heart of our city. People tell us all the time that they’ve never seen anything like it.

I’ve brought people from all over the world here. In lots of countries, you know, people don’t necessarily have access to clean water or get to see anything like this, so everyone understands about Barton Springs and they see why we care so much about protecting it. Years ago, we had a student staying with us from Saudi Arabia. Once we introduced him to this place, he came almost every day! I know many students from around the globe who say some of their best memories in the U.S. are from right here at Barton Springs.

I still go with my friend Anne Wheat early in the morning. Sometimes in winter we may wait till midday, when the sun is out and it’s a little warmer. When we’re here early in the morning and that sun rises, you know, it’s really something. And hardly anyone is here, either. You just have to get in without missing a beat.

Every year, this is where I come on birthday, which happens to be the longest day of the year. On June 21, this is where you’ll find me!